Client-side library for CRM Portal – Completion of first draft

Before end of 2016, I started working on Microsoft CRM Portal development. I realised I have to heavily use liquid and JavaScript if I want to customise. It is true that we can use jQuery to manipulate its elements but I never want to manipulate DOMs especially in this type of application whose UI would change over the time. Coming from CRM development, it will be completely understandable.

So, starting from early this year, I have been working on creating client-side library for Microsoft CRM Portal. Although the first draft version was completed in February 2017, I am making some major changes for the first release to public. Here is a preview of first draft.

Client-side library for Microsoft CRM Portal

Client-side library for Microsoft CRM Portal

The usage in the first draft is really easy like this

Xrm.Portal.Form.setRequiredField(“test_textbox”, true);
Xrm.Portal.Form.setControlVisible(“test_picklist”, false);

I am targeting to release it in mid-March 2017. Initially, it will not cover for every different control types, especially different rendering is set using metadata. Those will be regularly updated.

Stay tuned.