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Build Different with Power Automate – Episode 3: Caveats with Parallelism

Variables We love using variables in programming languages. They make your program readable (if used properly) and help with the debugging process. There are a few gotchas with variables in Flow. Declare outside of the loop Programming languages support declaring local variables almost everywhere, including within the loop. The same approach can’t be applied in […]

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Build Different with Power Automate – Episode 2: Insignificance of pre-filtering

I have compared the performance of Flow in Power Automate between non-current Flow and parallel Flow in Apply to each action in Episode 1. We know turning Parallelism significantly improves the performance. However, the fundamental problem with the loop is that it is going through all 150 items. What if we can deduce the number […]

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Build Different with Power Automate – Episode 1: Mystery of Apply to each

In recent times, there has been a lot of discussions and arguments about pro developers versus citizen developers. With Power Automate (Microsoft Flow), even kids can start playing around and build something substantial. Power Automate is that good! Like every other tool, we need to use it properly and not abuse it. Without proper guidance […]

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Client-side library for CRM Portal – Completion of first draft

Before end of 2016, I started working on Microsoft CRM Portal development. I realised I have to heavily use liquid and JavaScript if I want to customise. It is true that we can use jQuery to manipulate its elements but I never want to manipulate DOMs especially in this type of application whose UI would change […]

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