About me

I started working with CRM in 2009 until now; from CRM 4, 2011, 2013, 2015 and now Dynamics 365.

With my reasonable experience, I mainly focus on developing reusable components and configurable customisations as I do not like to repeat my works again and again. I do not like copy-paste code since I feel a properly designed code does not need it.

Prior to that, I was a web/software developer starting from 2004 (experience I gained in those years was very valuable in my career. It is still helpful up to these days.)

Although I live with .NET, I love JavaScript which gives me total freedom, short and effective code. Azure is my side kick. I encourage others to practice TDD which brought a big change to my approach in coding.

Born and raised in Myanmar. Worked in Singapore. Now in New Zealand. Who knows the future?

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  1. Boris


    Thanks for your blog, he is very interesting. I have one question, I am very interested with the PCF DataSet you built. How can I get the zip of your solution ? Thanks for your help and nice work !



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